Meeting Brangelina

22 Feb

I would have actually had a panic attack if I’d met Brad OR Angelina, even though I’m not a huge fan of either (yet).  I tend to become a bigger fan after having a personal meeting experience with them (i.e. The Jonas Brothers and/or assorted Twilight cast members).  Brad & Angelina’s daughter Shilo was actually born in Swakopmund, Namibia.  In fact, the Hollywood stars have a beach home on the coast…a few houses down from where we stayed.

That’s their house right there.  Obviously, they aren’t staying in Namibia right at this moment, but it was still awesome to see.  Also, it was cool that Namibians just don’t see celebrities the way Americans do.  Celebs are cool people, but they are just people.


Our trip to Swakopmund was relaxing to say the least.  I think my favorite part of the trip was all the Jess & Jill bonding we got in.  It’s like we have taken even closer steps towards becoming Jan & Paula, our heroes/professors.


Matching tank tops


Matching lunch orders/love lattes

Matching bracelets…and matching faces of annoyance as we were suckered into purchasing them by crafty vendors.

Because she is great, Jess read to me (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by the way), played with my hair, gave me a massage, and snuggled with me.  What a pal!



Another favorite part of the trip was the COOKING!  I miss it SO much!
We made two Family Dinners and one Family Breakfast.  Here we are, me, Jess, Kari and Bri, responsible for the main dish: penne with red sauce and alfredo.

Jessica Porter and Veronica were in charge of the dessert…TALK ABOUT DELICIOUS!

Can’t end the night without a little wine and champagne!

Morning French Toast for all :]

It’s so funny how these mundane daily tasks like cooking, driving, and something as boring as, oh say, heading to Starbucks, are the things I miss most about home.


The beach was also phenomenal.  Hello, Atlantic Ocean!


And of course, we did go out just once.
I wish I had a picture of the 70-year-old man ripping up the dance floor, but I didn’t bring my camera.
We met some nice gentlemen and a very friendly 17-year-old girl who gave us a list of clubs to hit up AFTER we were done with our first.  While Americans close up shop at 2AM, Namibians rarely close the clubs down before 6 AM.  We did NOT go to another location, but geeze.



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